Tempet Makarska Travel Agency CEO Welcome Note

Since the first mention of the name of Makarska in the year 533 at Salona Synod, many a traveller and a travel writer commended its gentle coves, olive-groves and vineyards, white strands and deep shade of pine groves, and above all the diligent and cordial hosts. In the meantime, Makarska grew up into an important tourist destination and sub-regional centre of the narrower region which includes the Makarska littoral, eastern parts of the islands of Hvar and Brač and the hinterland of the magnificent mountain of Biokovo. mas...

Conventional sports - football, athletics and tennis

Makarska Riviera has a Mediterranean mild climate and is an ideal resort for outdoor activates throughout the whole year. In winter time aprox temperature is 10 degrees, so characteristics which are appropriate for outside programs. Throughout the decades up to today, many of domestic sport clubs and clubs around Europe are using that advantage, in the first place - soccer, athletic and tennis clubs. mas...

Extreme Sports

Makarska is situated in region marked with some natural contradictions - between the sea and mountain Biokovo - nearby river Cetina, so it could be said that, Makarska is a paradise for extreme sports. mas...

Health Tourism

The offer of health tourism functions on the natural health establishment and it's factors which are connection of different medical, prevention and wellness programs, adjusted to various needs. mas...

Oferta especial

Casas de veraneo de Makarska - apartamentos - pisos - cuartos y alquileres de hotel en Tempet Makarska la oferta 2018 de agencia de viaj

¡Sea bienvenido en nuestra oficina turística! Las casas de veraneo, apartamentos, los pisos, los cuartos y la oferta de alquileres de hotel de Riviera Makarska, Croacia - hacen la agencia de viajes de Tempet Makarska una de las mejores agencias para el negocio de alojamiento privado en Riviera Makarska. Más de 20 años de la experiencia en alquileres de vacaciones son nuestra referencia, tan haga una reserva de vacaciones para chalet de vacaciones, alquiler de casa o piso por nosotros. Todos los sitios de Riviera Makarska Usted encontrará en nuestras páginas Web, de Brela único, Baška Voda y Tučepi, ciudad Makarska central, a partes del sur de Riviera y coloca Podgora, Drašnice, Živogošće y Gradac, vacaciones de Croacia. mas...

Ethno Village Herceg Medjugorje

Herceg Ethno Village is a unique Hotel and Tourist complex opened at the end of 2008 and located on four acres of land with 50 stone buildings divided into five sections. The goal of this Project is to have a place with an authentic village atmosphere where we can offer today’s tourist all services. This will be a heaven for people who like to experience good food, for those who are searching for a break from everyday routine. The Village also provides an ideal place for business people who wish to arrange seminars, conferences and team-building sessions. mas...

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