Health Tourism


Health tourism in apartments, holiday homes and hotel accommodation in Makarska

The offer of health tourism functions on the natural health establishment and it's factors which are connection of different medical, prevention and wellness programs, adjusted to various needs.

Health tourism here in Croatia, has very versatile offer in seaside (thalassotherapy) resorts and air spas. In Makarska, by that profilation is famous hotel Biokovka which became rehabilitation and health center of region.

The most valuable and attractive advantages are the curative waters and mild climate offered by this health resort for relaxation, preventive treatment, therapy and recovery, in short - for vigor and health.

tempet_makarska_biokovka_zdravstveni_turizam_02.jpgWith special organized health packed programs: Fit - week, Relaxation week, Anti stress programs and Therapy week, hotel Biokovka offers some physical, medical and rehabilitation programs for individuals by wish (functional diagnostics, electrotherapy, hydrotherapy, rehabilitation).

Hotel is equipped with a see water swimming pool, saunas and fit centers. Inside the object, there is a specialized professional Fitness Center with body building, aerobic and saunas.