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Accommodation in apartments, holiday homes and hotels for athlets 

Makarska Riviera has a Mediterranean mild climate and is an ideal resort for outdoor activates throughout the whole year. In winter time aprox temperature is 10 degrees, so characteristics which are appropriate for outside programs. Throughout the decades up to today, many of domestic sport clubs and clubs around Europe are using that advantage, in the first place - soccer, athletic and tennis clubs.

Sports center in Makarska, is situated nearby the sea, and it's facilities are full equipped for mentioned sports. The gymnasium with body building and athletic 'Tartan' track with all different competition fields - soccer, handball, volleyball and basketball outdoor playgrounds, tennis courts, automatic bowling alley.

tempet_banner_sports_special_offer_08.JPGBeside this, beautiful park of the Cape Osejava promontory, covered with pine trees, has other terrains suitable for training. Swimming pools and sauna baths, medicine facilities in rehabilitation center Biokovka and many other additional services and equipment guarantees that in Makarska you can successfully realize your training programs.

Tennis center in Makarska is to be found in a pine wood on the seaside. It has open and closed courts (9 soil fields, one color set field, outdoor lights and two tennis lounges).

Baška Voda is a small tourist resort located 8 km west from Makarska and posses a soccer playground. 3 km east from Makarska is Tučepi which has, beside a soccer playground, few different tennis centers.   

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